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Hey kinks whats up? how is everyone doing today? HAPPY NEW MONTH! and i pray that everything God has in store of you will come to you in this new month, go fort and shine and prosper IN JESUS NAME...

So unto the post, co wash, my opinion on co washing... first of all for the benefit of those that do not know what co washing is, lets explain what it is.
co washing is replacing your shampoo with a conditioner, so instead of using a shampoo to wash your hair you use a conditioner.
Most people do this every other week or once a week depending on their routine.

what is my opinion on co washing?
If you are a reader of my blog you, you would know that my blog cater to the needs of the 4c/b hair type cos that is what is on my hair and i can only speak for this type of hair.
Time and time again i have admonished us to study our hair and know what works best for YOUR hair and how to get, and retain length. it is not because every youtuber is doing it that does not mean it is going to work for you..
With that being said, my opinion on co washing is a NO NO for me and i am going to explain why and try to break it down.
  1. Because of my hair type the tendency of it to retain moisture is not very high so i tend to always make sure that my hair is moisturized as much as possible. which in turn will lead to product build up.
  2. Because of this product build up, it causes the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum which will eventually lead to itchy scalp filled with dandruff 
  3. Product build up+ sebum can cause stunted and reduced hair growth. 
Now if all these is happening to your hair, i think what you should be looking for is a good cleansing method that will help not just clear your scalp but prepare it to receive now batch of product, the idea of using a conditioner (which is a catalyst for building up product in your hair) to cleanse your hair doesn't sit well with me, i don't just get it, i really don't lol. My 4c hair is looking for a cleanser and not more product build up.
That is why i wont use conditioner to wash my hair or rather do co washing for my hair, however if you have been using this method and it has been working for you, all well and good but if you are doing it because your favorite natural hair youtuber is doing it then you might want to do  research on it and make an informed decision about co washing.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post? comment down below if you feel otherwise and tell me why..

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Talks soon Xoxo Tega Elizabeth Baah


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